We are a small minority owned family business based out of Detroit, MI. What started as a small personal project has grown into an idea that has allowed us to assist other creative & awareness projects. Our “The Custody of Freedom” project began from a simple phrase “I Refuse To Lose Custody of My Freedom”. Our first shirt was sold on January 11, 2017. From the love and support of family and friends who have purchase shirts and shared the site on social media, we see our shirts working their way across the country and even to Canada (yes, we do ship worldwide). While we have a lot of shirts that deliver a strong message, we also provide some alternatives, like our Goose Collection.

The phrase "I Refuse To Lose Custody Of My Freedom" holds power in its meaning. We are all born into a free society. To allow any one person or group to remove or alter that freedom, either as a whole or in pieces, is something that should be fought against. These items were created to express our desire to fight for what is our birthright. We are working to spread this message and to help others in the process.

Custody of Freedom By The Numbers:

- Currently we have 14 designs / quotes (trademark pending on original designs - 13).
- We offer T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Onesies, wristbands, earrings and pillows.
- Our catalog has over 250 items to choose from.
- We have a our Marketplace section to showcase other creative items from individuals.

Feel free to contact us: sales@custodyoffreedom.com

Why Did I Create Custody Of Freedom?

Honestly, I’ve never been super political. I’ve made sure to keep up on everything, but outside of conversations and debates with friends it was more of an internal thought process. However, as the years go on and you come across so many examples of prejudiced individuals, in power nonetheless, you can’t help but to feel compelled to act. Everyday you watch CNN, MSNBC or really any of those news sources and everyday you are reminded about the individuals that aren’t being heard. The people that aren’t being treated as humans. So many of us like to think that we are all free, it’s not true. Freedom is a combination of a number of elements with the two most important ones being "respect” and “acceptance”. Anyone who has to hide who they are isn’t free. If I have to try and hide my face to the police while driving so I won’t be profiled then I’m not free. Any person who has to hide their gender identity or sexual orientation isn’t free. Any woman who isn’t treated with the same respect and acknowledgment as a man isn’t free.

So through all that a phrase was formed in my head, “I Refuse To Lose Custody Of My Freedom”. It’s a constant reminder to not accept what is being placed in front of you and saying it’s enough, while still wanting more. It’s not enough to “tolerate” an individual’s sexuality you have to accept it, or it's repression at its basic form. It’s not enough to tell people they are equal and not back it up with the same opportunities. The fact that incarceration or death have become increasingly likely outcomes of simple police interaction is something that concerns me, since I have two Black adult male sons.

So from there I decided that sometimes the most effective messages are passed by sight not sound, and I designed the first graphic image which was just the phrase "I Refuse to Lose Custody of My Freedom." Then I built on that with the “Fight”, “Strong Woman” and “Love is Love” versions. The goal was always to spread the message and increase awareness. As I started to sell and share the shirts I met some amazing people along the way who had amazing abilities, so I used the funds generated from the shirts to help in kickstarter campaigns and purchase items to give away to friends and family. Promoting creative projects has become something important to me. There are very conscious and creative individuals who are trying to improve the world in their own special way. Some just need a sliver of a chance and opportunity in order to achieve greatness. It doesn’t take a million dollars to give someone a chance (though it would help A LOT), sometimes it starts with supporting and encouraging. Trying a product from a small business, artist, author... a potential world changer.

In the end here we are, multiple messengers to give a voice to those who don’t like to scream but want to be heard.  A site created by me with my vision in mind, hopefully I will be able to offer more than just our Custody of Freedom shirts.  As I’m introduced to these incredible individuals I can introduce you to their incredible talents and products.

Oh and what’s the Goose about? Goose is my one year old son.  Every morning since the day he was born I've said “Talk to me Goose” (Top Gun reference).  The headphones are because he has a love of music and the tennis shoes are because his mom always keeps him in fresh kicks. I Hope that gives some clarity.  You'll see different products as Goose experiences more in life.

So BUY BUY BUY, that's what it's here for after all.