Hey NFL, This is all your fault.

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July 28, 2017
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March 23, 2020

Hey NFL, This is all your fault.

Before I get into it let me make couple things clear:

– I do not think Colin Kaepernick is a great quarterback, he is average at best.  But there aren’t 64 other quarterbacks better than him.

– I do believe he was blackballed by a lot of teams and the league did nothing about it.

– I think he did himself a disservice by opting out of a contract without knowing if he would have any interest in the league.

– I think he did the cause a disservice by not voting for president (it’s his right to vote or not to vote though).  I know that the individual vote does not elect the President.  However, young voters may take Kaep’s reasoning to heart and not vote in future elections, including for local and state representatives. That would be a decision with horrible consequences.

Okay with that said, I do think everything that has happened over the last 3 weeks in the NFL with players, executives and owners kneeling is hypocritical and now dilutes what the original stance/protest was for.  It’s now okay to fight or retaliate against the president and back the players for doing so, but not okay to fight to end racism, police brutality and the oppressive nature of the country that Kaepernick was raising awareness to?  So what do you do now NFL?  Are you going to allow the owners to blackball all the players that kneeled this summer when they are free agents?  Or because they are exercising their right to protest and not actually addressing the reason the protest started in the first place making everything okay?

So now Roger Goodell what do you do?  You have minorities protesting and not watching the NFL for allowing the blackballing of a minority who did nothing wrong (committed no crime) and as of today still isn’t signed.  You also have conservatives / whites now protesting the NFL for allowing these players to kneel for the flag.  You also have a president calling you and the league out for allowing this to happen.  You must choose a side now.

By not acting in the best interest of Colin Kaepernick and his rights, you have opened yourself up to having to choose a side, and I’m happy that you have to choose.  What side are you on?  Are you just against the president or are you actually for fighting racism and police brutality (cause I haven’t heard you address this)?  You have a league that is predominantly African-American and yet has allowed a player be actively ignored and mistreated because he exercised his right to peaceful protest.  What are you going to do with that next player (or any of these players that exercised it this weekend)?  The “Shield” stood up for the players and the league against the President, but when asked to stand up for a player who did the same thing for a much better reason the “Shield” decided to leave him twisting in the wind.

This is why I say it’s the NFL’s fault and I’m glad you have to choose what side you are on.  But it shouldn’t be forgotten why we are here in the first place.


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