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Black Dignity
June 25, 2020
Introducing: Flint’s Water Crisis
July 8, 2020

Will white people still be loud and active when there is nothing left to destroy and loot? Will they continue to call out/expose their racists friends and family. This is a moment where the energy should sustain for long time. Where the message and mission should be as infectious as the Cornovirus. Are we as Black America determined to stand together to finally make a mark. To be in unity in every city and every state every time we are eliminated off this earth.

If we show this force every time we are eliminated off this chessboard of life, we will force cities and states to hold each other accountable. The Atlanta Mayor doesn’t want to be held accountable for something that happened in another New York. But that is the only way progress will happen.

This is gonna be the fight of our lives. This is the moment where we ALL decide that enough is enough.

How are you able to sleep at night knowing that this world will take your life or the life of a loved one for no other reason then being brown, or gay, or trans. A world where you are taught to speak to police with a level of respect that they don’t give you.  Where the benefit of the doubt is given to the person with the fairest skin in a dispute.

There has never been a silent rebellion. Tears and cries should serve as rallying cries for us to move into action. You can’t drive to Louisville to protest for Breonna Taylor’s justice, that’s okay. Protest wherever you are. This is progress, this is how progress starts. Carl E. Douglas said this week “This movement is gonna be like a ocean liner not a speedboat.” We are living in a period of distractions, where our attention span is as only to the next commercial break.

As I write this I know that words can inspire, energize, enrage and mobilize people who want to be educated and directed. This isn’t about buying black or black businesses; this is about black lives plain and simple. If justice and black lives where equal and valued like white lives then there would be no reason to wear a shirt asking for equal justice and civil rights.

At the end of the day we have to continue to push in our own way. We must hold the politicians we vote for and the celebrities we support accountable to speak up and use their power to help. You don’t like our views on equality then fuck off and don’t follow us. You don’t accept LGBTQ? Fuck off and don’t follow us. You don’t believe black woman should (be) protected to the fullest? Fuck off and don’t follow us.

We applaud everyone that has done their part in anyway.


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